Our story

Crystal Amar Insponaire


I am Crystal Amar, the creator and owner of Insponaire. I have always wanted to motivate people and to inspire people to be more motivated through my actions. I am a certified life coach and career counselor.

I began posting inspirational memes on my Instagram about a year ago. Then after a while, I began to get bored with the same old choices and that's when I began making my own memes. To my surprise, they were very well received. So, I continued to make them. 

After a while, hearing more and more about print on demand, I started playing around with making t-shirts. Soon after, Insponaire was born and I love it! I get to express myself in a way that I never knew I had in me and it makes me happy every day. Especially knowing that people enjoy my designs. 

So I guess I ended up inspiring myself to start Insponaire! Now I have started making lots of different kinds of products with my designs, but my goal remains the same... 

I want you to be happy! I want to inspire people to be happy and enjoy their lives. To try new things and to be the best version of themselves that they can be!

So, I guess you can say... Insponaire is here in a big way and it's here to stay! 

Express yourself with clothing that speaks for itself!