Our story

 At Insponaire, we are very particular about the QUALITY of our product. The majority of Insponaire's products are manufactured in the US and we stand behind our manufacturers 100%. 

Our manufacturers are all based in the US with the exception of Artsadd which produces our shoes and some of the swim wear. Artsadd is a well respected manufacturer that is known for the quality of their work. They are based out of Fujian, China. 

Insponaire brand is:

Crystal Amar the owner and lead designer

Tijime Peter the Social Media Manager

Daphne Amarachi the beautiful face of Insponaire

We are just three stargazers, trying to make a name for ourselves.

Specifically, the name is Insponaire. Insponaire brand is about hiphop at it's core. Hiphop culture. We aim to bring street art to the fore front of the world's canvas and to get these artists the recognition that they deserve!

Through my designs and their art work. We can make this happen. All that's missing, is YOU!

Stay chill...