How do you relieve your stress?

Stress relief is so important. You can't walk around a pent up wreck ALL of the time. There has to be something that you enjoy doing that relieves all that stress. Lots of people have talents and hobbies that they carve out time for and it helps them to relax. 

I was not one of these people. I spent my life looking for that thing. I never had a THING that was mine that I enjoyed doing besides working and making money. 

This is going to sound silly to most but I am going to share. When I was in my 20's, I discovered Karaoke and I loved it. The problem with karaoke was that I had to have a buzz on in order to sing in front of people but when I did, people loved it. I have been sober for 6 1/2 years. So karaoke has been something of the past. Until I discovered this silly app on my phone. I can sing and record myself on video and post it for thousands to see, but I can do it sober, because I'm not experiencing the nerves of doing it in front of people. And, I love it. It has become a way for me to relieve my stress. To be honest, I am quite good at it as well ;p so that helps. 

FIND YOUR THING! No matter how silly!



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